Random Kudos

From time to time I'll run across something or someone on the web, who I feel deserves a random shout out for something cool they've done or posted.  These can be anything from nice editing to good investigative technique, or just about anything else I feel deserves a little unsolicited praise.

The Paranormal Pundit is awarding its first Random Kudo to the Paulding Paranormal Society. for good investigative technique. The video below is a trailer for their show on Youtube.

The investigator provides a really solid frame of reference for his possible evidence, by placing himself physically in the doorway and using nearby objects i.e. the deodorant container to provide scale for what he sees on his photo.  I like that he lets viewers see the space his evidence was captured in, in bright light and clear focus.  I also have to give him huge snaps for not automatically stating that he's got conclusive evidence before it's been reviewed.  All honesty, I've never seen anything by this crew before, but I'm definitely going to be checking them out!

UPDATE:  Sadly it looks as if this video was uploaded around ten months ago, and there has been no new content since then.  I'm still going to be watching what they do have on their channel, and hoping to see more from them.

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