Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What kind of Ghost is that? Part 2. Intelligent Hauntings.

Welcome to part two of What kind of Ghost is that?

The first type of haunting we covered is Residual Haunting.  To quickly review, in a residual haunting ghosts or spirits will not interact with people or the environment in any way.  This type of haunting is thought to be more like a recording of events played back over and over again, sometimes at certain times of the year.

The second type of haunting we're going to look at is called Intelligent Haunting.  With an intelligent haunting, ghosts can and do interact with their environment and other people.  Investigators will receive intelligent and relevant answers to questions or comments during EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) sessions.  The spirits involved in an intelligent haunting usually have some type of connection to the location, or to the people who live or work there.

The interactive ghost is the consciousness of the person that once lived.  It will retain all the knowledge, personality and habits of that person. This person may have purposefully decided to stay behind instead of moving on, or may be "stuck"  because of murder, an accidental death, unfinished business, or undying or unrequited love.

Another reason a spirit might choose to stay behind is fear of judgement.  If a ghost was evil in life it may believe that in the afterlife it would be judged harshly and sent to hell.  In this case a spirit might choose to stay behind in order to avoid that fate.

 Because of the fact that the ghost retains all of the emotions and personality of the living person it once was, there is the potential for there to be benevolent, peaceful spirits, as well as malevolent, angry spirits.  It's important not to confuse malevolent spirits with an inhuman entity...a malevolent spirit was once human and may just give off an angry feel in the air and possible tension and animosity around the area that it is haunting. These negative spirits are not evil but angry. This may be due to confusion and about what is going on around them. This also may mean that in life they may have been an angry person and that it carried over into their death.

 Because they retain their original personalities and intelligence,  they can and sometimes will interact and communicate in many different ways.  They my leave messages via EVP, make other types of noises, or move things about.  As investigators, intelligent hauntings are fascinating cases.